Product Description

MUTLU Corporation was established in 1945. In 1955, MUTLU started manufacturing batteries. MUTLU Batteries thrived especially after 1983, with the help of its highest level of production quality and the era's political strategies supporting free market economy, establishing a significantly advantageous position over its competitors, both in the local and global markets.

In the turkey local market, as consumer interest in product quality rose, MUTLU's share increased steadily every year, reaching 40% of the total market.

The sales figures of starter battery accounts are 85% of the total local sales; and the same battery sells around a staggering 2 million units outside the local market.

MUTLU is supplying around 80 to 85% of the automotive industry, and in lead-acid industrial batteries which totals a market share of 80%.

MUTLU Batteries became the biggest manufacturer in Turkey, Middle East and Eastern Europe with exports worth 25 million dollars today. With its 230,000sqm modern facility, MUTLU is proud to be a major contributor in the Turkish industry sector.

MUTLU offers its wide range of products to a lineup of big brand names in the automotive sector; such as, Ford Automotive Company, FIAT - Tofaş, Toyota Turkey, Toyota England, Oyak Renault, Renault Persian, Hyundai, Mercedes, Isuzu, Otokar, MAN and TEMSA.

The capacity and high rate engine start performance of MUTLU batteries successfully keeps up to the values described on the batteries’ label, if not more. The ISO 9001 certificate from DQS dated 1994 and ISO 9001 certificate from TSE dated 1995 are updated with 2012 versions DQS also awarded to MUTLU with QS 9000 certificate valid from 2012 onwards. The prestigious ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality System Certificate was granted in 2003 and has been updated in 2004 in accordance with 2002 version. – All those certificates are updated till 2015.

MUTLUs mission is to always follow up on the new technology; and use machinery that are designed according to the same principal. MUTLU is producing a Calcium- Silver type battery. This chemical increases the quality by keeping the battery’s life much longer:

  1. It blocks the decrease of the water inside the battery so the acid remains on the required level for a longer period.
  2. It prolongs the life of the battery for almost 50% or more because it slows down the internal discharging process.
  3. The silver reduces the corrosion as well as it improves the performance of the battery in the hot weather.

If the charge indicator of the MUTLU’s battery turns yellow or white this indicates that distilled water should be added and it will extend the life of the battery, unlike other batteries - If the charge indicator appears yellow or white it means that the battery is finished.


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