Tire Safety

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Simple Tire Care
1) check that all tires have about the same inflation pressure
2) check the sidewalls of the tires for cracks or unusual bulges
3) check and remove any foreign objects that might puncture your tire, eg stones, nails, etc.
1) Use a proper tire pressure guage to measure the tire pressure.
2) Check pressure and inflate when the tires are cold. (A hot tire will show inaccurate reading due to heat expansion)
3) It takes as long as 4 hours for a tire to cool down. It�s a good idea to check the tire pressure first thing in the morning.
4) Don�t forget to inflate your spare tire too!
5) tire PressureThe correct air pressure is shown on the tire placard (or sticker) attached to the vehicle door edge, door post, glove box door or fuel door. If your vehicle doesn't have a placard, check the owner's manual or consult with the vehicle manufacturer or your local tire dealer for the proper inflation.
ROTATE tireS EVERY 5000km.
1) Visit a reputable tire shop for tire rotation.
2) Check your car owner�s handbook for rotating sequence.
3) Have your tires balanced at the same time
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