Unsafe tires

Unsafe Tread Depth

Ensure that tires have more than 1.6mm of tread

Most new tires have about 8mm of tread pattern when manufactured but as tires wear their ability to disperse water reduces. Tires should be replaced before the tread wears down to the level of the Tread Wear Indicators.

The Tread Wear Indicators are moulded into all major grooves of tires in at least four positions around the tire. These indicators sit at least 1.6mm above the bottom of the grooves.

If you are unsure of how to correctly read your tread depth, visit your nearest Fit & Fix showroom and they will be happy to assist.

Aged Tires

A number of vehicle manufacturers are now advising against the use of tires that are more than six years old due to the effects of ageing.

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule to determining the age at which a tire should be removed from service. You can check the age of your tires by looking at the Tire Identification Number (pictured). The last four digits indicate the week and year the tire was manufactured e.g. this tire was manufactured in the 48th week of 2004.

Motorists in doubt are advised to check with a tire professional at their nearest Fit & Fix showroom. The tire professional is able to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the tire as well as investigating its history and will be able to advise on the need to replace the tire.

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